That's a Tidy Bowl, Man!

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That's a Tidy Bowl, Man!
That's a Tidy Bowl, Man!

You find yourself standing near the Haunted Bathroom's toilet, even though you don't need to go. (In fact, despite all the drinking you do, you hardly ever need to go. Odd, that.) A small movement (not that kind) catches your attention, and you look into the bowl to find, rather unexpectedly, a tiny man in a sailor's uniform, treading water.

"Um, hello? You okay in there?" you ask.

The man looks up in surprise. "Oh, thank goodness you came! What a stroke of luck!"

"What happened?"

"There was a terrible storm, and our ship sank! I'm the only member of the crew that survived! You have to help me!"

You decide that you'd rather flush the toilet. You do, then you decide you should do it again. Then you decide you should do it 1,998 more times. It's pretty meditative, watching that swirling water. And wondering what happened to that little guy.

You suddenly feel less lucky.

You gain (200% of <mainstat>) in Mysteriousness, capped at 300 ± 30.

Occurs at The Haunted Bathroom while Lucky!


  • The text (and title) are references to the old advertisements for Ty-D-Bol, which featured a man in a sailor's uniform rowing around a giant toilet bowl.
  • The total number of times the toilet gets flushed (2,000) refers to 2,000 Flushes, another toilet cleaning/refreshing product.