That's My Favorite Kind of Contraption

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That's My Favorite Kind of Contraption
That's My Favorite Kind of Contraption

You spot a large group of gnomes milling around a collection of intricate machinery, and decide to investigate. Tapping one gnome on the shoul-- I mean, the side of the head, you ask him what's going on.

"Oh, this is the annual Tinker's Union Guillotine, Auto-Cleaver, and Dangerous Spinning Blades Contraption Expo! Feel free to have a look around, but be careful -- pretty much everything here is wicked sharp."

It takes several minutes of wandering around the displays of shiny whirling metal before you get injured. Rather longer than you expected, actually. "Dagng, man, I told you to be careful," says the gnome as he wraps some bandages around you. "You're not gonna be doing any heavy lifting for a while -- that Gyro-Cutlass gnearly went clear through your torso."

"My what?"

"Torso. You know," he says, poking you in your bandages and making you wince.

"...Torso?" you ask. "You mean this long section of my body between my head and my waist?"

"Are you telling me you're gnot aware of your torso?" he asks incredulously.

"Yeah, well, I just never thought much about it before."

It takes a little while, but the gnome manages to explain the ins and outs of torso-ownership to you. You swear to never take your torso for granted again.

Axegash.gifYou acquire an effect: Dang Near Cut In Half
(duration: 5 Adventures)
You acquire a skill: Torso Awareness

Occurs in The Spooky Forest (Bad Moon only).