Tenement and Forget It

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Tenement and Forget It
Tenement and Forget It

The key I'd found in the yakuza CEO's office unlocked the front door to the old tenement building, just as I'd expected. Where better to beta-test your dream world than a building full of people whose real lives didn't amount to a bowl of rice amongst them, in full view of your office windows?

Inside, it was quiet. Far, far too quiet. The place should have been full of rioting children, old ladies shouting gossip at each other, wives and husbands arguing. Especially on New Year's, it should have been chaos. Instead, it was like a tomb.

Then, somewhere down the hall, I heard someone yell "Ding!"

"Grats!" came the reply, shouted from several different voices and directions.

What the hell was I walking into?

Occurs on the first adventure in the Chinatown Tenement.