Temporary Lycanthropy

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Temporary Lycanthropy

Temporary Lycanthropy

Your veins are polluted with the blood of the Wereseal. Your Muscles wax and wane with the moons.

Oh, no, Paul! You is a Warsil!

Muscle +X%

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Effect number: 27
Description ID: 79bc05cd8f6cdf869c66a840f79ce2d3
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  • This effect's Muscle bonus increases depending on moonlight.
  • The formula for the Muscle gain (in percent) is: 10+(20*sqrt(X)), where X is the number of "lit moon segments," as defined on the moons page.
  • See additional info here.
  • The approximate effect is as follows:
Lit Segments Bonus
0 10.00%
1 30.00%
2 38.28%
3 44.64%
4 50.00%
5 54.72%
6 58.99%
7 62.92%
8 66.57%


  • "Oh no, Paul! You is a warsil!" is a play on the line "Oh no, Paul! You is a werewolf!" from the 1996 film Werewolf (as seen on Mystery Science Theater 3000), where none of the main characters seem able to pronounce "werewolf" the same way.

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