Temporary Amnesia

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Temporary Amnesia

Temporary Amnesia

You're having trouble remembering who you are or what you're doing. For all you know, you could be a soap opera star, a wacky sitcom neighbor, or a guy who accidentally killed his diabetic wife.

Who am I?

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Effect number: 297
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Obtained From


  • Skills cannot be used, in or out of combat. If you try to use a skill with this effect, the following is displayed:
"You can't remember how to use that skill..."
This effectively wastes your round in combat.
  • Skills may still be used in the combat that this effect was obtained in.
  • Items can still be summoned from Your Mystical Bookshelf.
  • Amnesia is only given from 7.5% of the Protagonist's normal attacks -- critical hits will not trigger this effect.


  • Sudden cases of temporary amnesia are a common plot device in sitcoms and soap operas.
  • One such instance of temporary amnesia involves Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife, whose appearance the Protagonist references. Cloud's memories are muddled due to exposure to toxic levels of Mako energy, a magical substance made of the memories and life force of the dead. At one point in the story, he has an exposure so severe that he ends up unresponsive and in a wheelchair, his mind utterly scrambled, until he is helped to remember his real identity.
  • In the movie Delirious, John Candy plays an amnesiac who thinks he's a soap opera star.
  • The amnesiac who accidentally killed his diabetic wife was a story told throughout the movie Memento.

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