Temple of the Legend in the Hidden City

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Temple of the Legend in the Hidden City
Temple of the Legend in the Hidden City

You approach the massive ziggurat, wishing, for some reason, that you had time for a smoke. But you don't, because you have to open this door at the base of the temple and give whatever is inside it a stern talking-to.

And anyway, you haven't smoked in centuries, because your bandages are super-flammable.

Open the door

The door to the temple is locked. You don't see a keyhole, but if you know video games, you know that the four triangular indentations in the door are basically equivalent to a keyhole.

Note: Does not take an adventure

You carefully socket the four triangular stones into their places in the carving, and step back as the door slowly slides to one side with a loud grinding noise. Cautiously, you peer inside...

The interior is a single large chamber, the walls decorated with elaborate carvings and frescoes showing the four gods of the city raining punishment down upon the wicked (and whatever innocent bystanders happened to be nearby). A large, ornate stone dais stands in the center of the chamber, with a mummy lying in repose atop it. The figure's elaborate headdress and golden jewelery indicates that he must have been a high priest or something of the sort.

You stride up to the mummy and give it a kick. "Hey!" you say. "Get the heck up. I invented that "fake being dead until the adventurer reaches for the treasure" trick, you know! Patent pending!"

A ghostly, luminescent spectre floats out of the mummy, and gives a little awkward cough, not wanting to meet your gaze. "Yeah, you better look all contrite and embarrassed," you say. "I expect a lot better from my staff-part guardians than that! I mean, honestly, you had one job!"

You toss the ancient amulet onto the mummy's chest, and wave an angry finger at the spectre. "You get one more chance, bucko. Screw it up again, and you lose mortal plane privileges. And you do not want to see the afterlife I will have in store for you. Walking naked through a valley where the wind is made of obsidian knives will sound like Casual Friday, do you get me?"

The spectre nods emphatically and sinks back into its mummy as you stride out of the temple. Oh yeah, you still got it.


You leave.

Note: Does not take an adventure

Occurs at A Massive Ziggurat after defeating 3 dense lianas, in an Actually Ed the Undying ascension.