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Stinky cheese ball squeezables
Cheese item Type Enchantment
Sc sword.gif stinky cheese sword One-handed sword +Z/3 Stench Damage
Sc diaper.gif stinky cheese diaper Pants +Z/10 adventures per day when equipped
Sc wheel.gif stinky cheese wheel Shield Z/2 Damage Absorption
Sc eye.gif stinky cheese eye Accessory +Z/5% meat drops
+Z/5% item drops
Allows use of Give Your Opponent the Stinkeye in battle
Sc staff.gif Staff of Queso Escusado One-handed chefstaff Spell Damage +50%
+20 Damage to Stench Spells
Regenerate 6-8 MP per adventure
Jiggle for Z-10 to Z+10 stench damage
Z is the current stinky counter, capped at 100