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{{HC Skill Analysis-Category}}
{| cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" style="text-align:center; border:1px solid #CCCCCC; #{{{textcolor|000000}}}" align="{{#switch:{{{align|center}}}|

center=center| l=left| r=right|}}" |- style="line-height: 1.2; background:#{{#switch:{{{class|default}}}| default=F9F9F9| mus=FFAAAA| mox=AAFFAA| myst=AAAAFF| non-mus=99BBBB| non-mox=BB99BB| non-myst=BBBB99| orange=F5A123|}}" | [[File:{{#switch:{{{cat|default}}}| default=hardcorex| dmg=blacksword| surv=antshield| flex=sphat5| adv=watch| heal=wrapping| spec=drone1|}}.gif| {{#switch:{{{cat|default}}}| default=Useless for Hardcore| dmg=Damage| surv=Survival| flex=Flexibility| adv=Turn Management| heal=Healing| spec=Special|}}]]<br />{{smaller|{{{caption|{{#switch:{{{class}}}| default=&nbsp;| mus=Muscle classes| mox=Moxie classes| myst=Mysticality classes| non-mus=non-Muscle classes| non-mox=non-Moxie classes| non-myst=non-Myst classes| orange=Unique Conditions|}}}}}}}



This template will display a category-icon from the Hardcore Skill Analysis with its own alternative-text while allowing for its caption to be differing from its alt-text (unlike [[File:]]). It should enable faster and easier category recognition by users and prevent errors, should colors or icons ever need updating.


  • The cat parameter is necessary and indicates the category.
    • Without this parameter, it will return the useless category.
  • Given the optional textcolor parameter, it will change from default black ("000000") to a color of your choosing. This color has to be formatted Hexadecimal. Please don't change this color without a good reason – other wiki-users have to be able to read this.
  • Given the optional align parameter, it will change the icons alignment to l (left) or r (right). Standard for this is center.
  • Given the optional class parameter, it will color the frame in the corresponding color of that class, or class combination. It will also add a default text if no particular caption was given.
  • Given the optional caption parameter, it will display that parameter's content as text. This was originally intended for skill categories that work for only one class, but if you find some other restriction you want to mention, go ahead. Please keep in mind you do not want to blow the table – so keep it short. If your remark requires a lot of space, please put it in the skills Description field on the Hardcore Skill Analysis page.


Wiki markup Result
(No parameters)
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category}}
Useless for Hardcore
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category|cat=adv}}
Turn Management
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category|cat=dmg|class=mus}}
Muscle classes
Class-dependent bonuses
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category|cat=flex|class=mox|caption=Accordion Thieves}}
Accordion Thieves
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category|cat=spec|class=myst|caption=Saucerors}}
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category|cat=surv|class=non-mus}}
non-Muscle classes
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category|cat=surv|class=non-mox}}
non-Moxie classes
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category|cat=dmg|class=non-myst}}
non-Myst classes
{{HC Skill Analysis-Category|cat=heal|class=orange}}
Unique Conditions