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|- | width="30px" | [[File:wink.gif|link=Category:Facial Expression Buff]] ! style="background-color: #EEEEEE" | Facial Expressions |- | colspan=2 | {| class="sortable" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" border="1px" align="center" !Class !Skill !Effect Name !Effect !Source |- |rowspan=2| [[File:club.gif|link=Seal Clubber]] |align="left"| {{InlineItem|Snarl of the Timberwolf (skill)}} |[[Snarl of the Timberwolf (effect)|Snarl of the Timberwolf]] | +10 {{element|Spooky}} |[[Spookyraven Skills]] |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Scowl of the Auk (skill)}} |[[Scowl of the Auk (effect)|Scowl of the Auk]] |[[Bonus Weapon Damage|Weapon Damage]] +10 |Guild (Level 6) |- |rowspan=3| [[File:Turtle.gif|link=Turtle Tamer]] |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Stiff Upper Lip (skill)}} |[[Stiff Upper Lip (effect)|Stiff Upper Lip]] |[[Damage Reduction]]: 10 |Guild (Level 3) |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Patient Smile (skill)}} |[[Patient Smile (effect)|Patient Smile]] | +1 [[Stat Gains from Fights|Muscle Stats Per Fight]] |Guild (Level 14) |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Quiet Determination (skill)}} |[[Quiet Determination (effect)|Quiet Determination]] | [[Muscle Modifiers|Muscle]] +25% |[[The Journal of Mime Science Vol. 2|Mime Science]] (Crimbo 2017) |- |rowspan=3| [[File:Pastaspoon.gif|link=Pastamancer]] |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage (skill)}} |[[Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage (effect)|Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage]] |[[Bonus Spell Damage|Spell Damage]] +10 |Guild (Level 4) |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Wizard Squint (skill)}} |[[Wizard Squint (effect)|Wizard Squint]] | +10% [[Critical Spell Chance|Chance of Spell Critical Hit]] |Guild (Level 14) |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Quiet Judgement (skill)}} |[[Quiet Judgement (effect)|Quiet Judgement]] | [[Mysticality Modifiers|Mysticality]] +25% |[[The Journal of Mime Science Vol. 3|Mime Science]] (Crimbo 2017) |- |rowspan=2| [[File:Saucepan.gif|link=Sauceror]] |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Icy Glare (skill)}} |[[Icy Glare (effect)|Icy Glare]] | +10 {{element|Cold}} <br />+10 Damage to {{element|Cold|Spells}} |Guild (Level 3) |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Wry Smile (skill)}} |[[Wry Smile (effect)|Wry Smile]] | +1 [[Stat Gains from Fights|Mysticality Stats Per Fight]] |Guild (Level 13) |- |rowspan=2| [[File:discoball.gif|link=Disco Bandit]] |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Disco Leer (skill)}} |[[Disco Leer (effect)|Disco Leer]] | +10% [[Meat from Monsters]] |Guild (Level 15) |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Disco Smirk (skill)}} |[[Disco Smirk (effect)|Disco Smirk]] |[[Moxie Modifiers|Moxie]] +10 |Guild (Level 8) |- |rowspan=3| [[File:accordion.gif|link=Accordion Thief]] |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Suspicious Gaze (skill)}} |[[Suspicious Gaze (effect)|Suspicious Gaze]] | +20% [[Combat Initiative]] |Guild (Level 8) |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Knowing Smile (skill)}} |[[Knowing Smile (effect)|Knowing Smile]] | +1 [[Stat Gains from Fights|Moxie Stats Per Fight]] |Guild (Level 14) |- |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Quiet Desperation (skill)}} |[[Quiet Desperation (effect)|Quiet Desperation]] | [[Moxie Modifiers|Moxie]] +25% |[[The Journal of Mime Science Vol. 6|Mime Science]] (Crimbo 2017) |- |rowspan=1| None |align="left"|{{InlineItem|Inscrutable Gaze (skill)}} |[[Inscrutable Gaze (effect)|Inscrutable Gaze]] | +10% to all [[mysticality substat|Mysticality Gains]] |[[Convincing People You Can See The Future|Tradeable skillbook]] from [[VIP Lounge]] |}




Wink.gif Facial Expressions
Class Skill Effect Name Effect Source
Club.gif Wolfmask.gif Snarl of the Timberwolf Snarl of the Timberwolf +10 Spooky Damage Spookyraven Skills
Angry.gif Scowl of the Auk Scowl of the Auk Weapon Damage +10 Guild (Level 6)
Turtle.gif Stiffupperlip.gif Stiff Upper Lip Stiff Upper Lip Damage Reduction: 10 Guild (Level 3)
Patientsmile.gif Patient Smile Patient Smile +1 Muscle Stats Per Fight Guild (Level 14)
Quietresolve.gif Quiet Determination Quiet Determination Muscle +25% Mime Science (Crimbo 2017)
Pastaspoon.gif Archedeyebrow.gif Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage Spell Damage +10 Guild (Level 4)
Wizardsquint.gif Wizard Squint Wizard Squint +10% Chance of Spell Critical Hit Guild (Level 14)
Quietjudgement.gif Quiet Judgement Quiet Judgement Mysticality +25% Mime Science (Crimbo 2017)
Saucepan.gif Icyglare.gif Icy Glare Icy Glare +10 Cold Damage
+10 Damage to Cold Spells
Guild (Level 3)
Wrysmile.gif Wry Smile Wry Smile +1 Mysticality Stats Per Fight Guild (Level 13)
Discoball.gif Discoleer.gif Disco Leer Disco Leer +10% Meat from Monsters Guild (Level 15)
Wink.gif Disco Smirk Disco Smirk Moxie +10 Guild (Level 8)
Accordion.gif Susgaze.gif Suspicious Gaze Suspicious Gaze +20% Combat Initiative Guild (Level 8)
Coolsmile.gif Knowing Smile Knowing Smile +1 Moxie Stats Per Fight Guild (Level 14)
Quietdesperation.gif Quiet Desperation Quiet Desperation Moxie +25% Mime Science (Crimbo 2017)
None Psychicgaze.gif Inscrutable Gaze Inscrutable Gaze +10% to all Mysticality Gains Tradeable skillbook from VIP Lounge