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Time Travel is a feature of the Kingdom which first appeared after The Great Time Catastrophe, also known as White Wednesday. In order to time travel, adventurers must locate a Temporal Rift and simply leap through it. This does not take any adventures.

The rifts originally led to locations in the distant past, the recent past, and the as-yet-unimplemented future. During the time of the Gray Plague, The Council of Loathing were somehow able to create a rift of their own, leading to a time 28 days later. The worst problem was a rift inside Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage which linked the building to a time when everything was on fire.

Time has a way of healing itself, and all but one of the rifts have since closed. The remaining one in The Nearby Plains now only opens under grave circumstances. Adventurers who jump through this rift can observe the origins of the Cake-Shaped Arena, the Misspelled Cemetary or even the legendary Spectral Pickle Factory. The only area to adventure, though, is The Cola Wars Battlefield, where useful items such as Dyspepsi-Cola and Cloaca-Cola uniforms, grenades and even New Cloaca-Cola can be obtained and brought back to the future.

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