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Spookyraven Manor

Spookyraven Manor has cast a long shadow over the Right Side of the Tracks in Seaside Town for many years. It appears once you discover that The Haunted Pantry is actually connected to an entire haunted mansion. This former home of the Spookyraven family spans two floors of ghosts, ghouls and living paintings. You can learn six class-specific skills that grant spooky powers, but only if you can solve the quest, unlock the second floor with a secret switch, and find the keys to the locked rooms. If that's not enough, there are also three familiars, two of which are quite hard to assemble, and a very powerful, but fragile, antique outfit. There are nightstands to fight, bizarre combat items to collect, and even a new trick (or two) to see.

Many adventurers have discovered that their father investigated the rise and fall of the House of Spookyraven, which led them into conflict with the master of the manor himself. This gave them a good excuse to steal Spookyraven's booze, dabble in the dark arts, and, for those that are extremely tall, get into a fight with the house itself.

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