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Though anybody can listen to this special song, it takes great skill and determination to play it. The Accordion Thieves were once the only ones able to play this moxious melody, however, with the implementation of ascension, several other players have learnt its secrets.

To play this song, you must first acquire the Level 12 Accordion Thief skill, The Ode to Booze. After that, you merely need an accordion in your inventory to play this entrancing song.

Using a Stolen accordion will cause this buff to last for five adventures at the cost of 50 MP. However, you can increase this to ten adventures for the same cost by having the Epic weapon of the Accordion Thief in your inventory, the Rock and Roll Legend. Accordion Thieves who have constructed their Legendary Epic Weapon, the Squeezebox of the Ages, get 15 adventures, often enough to mix a day's drinks before they forget the song from the previous night. And those with The Trickster's Trikitixa can squeeze out 20 turn's worth of the Ode.

Hearing the song increases the number of adventures you receive from Booze.