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Placing this template onto a page inserts this into the article:

She Ate Too Much Candy 1-25 lbs
Meteor Showered 20 lbs
Puzzle Champ 5-20 lbs
Robot Friends 20 lbs
Smart Drunk 20 lbs
All Is Forgiven 10 lbs
Bureaucratized 10 lbs
Chorale of Companionship 10 lbs
Crocodile Tear 10 lbs (Underwater only)
Cold Hearted 1-10 lbs (does not stack with other love songs)
Down With Chow 10 lbs
Healthy Green Glow 10 lbs
Hip to the Jive 10 lbs
Human-Fish Hybrid 10 lbs
Joy 10 lbs
Open Heart Surgery 10 lbs
Pajama Party 10 lbs
Spirit of Galactic Unity 10 lbs
Thanksgetting 10 lbs
The Inquisitor's Unknown Effect 10 lbs
Unbarking Dogs 10 lbs
Whole Latte Love 10 lbs
A Girl Named Sue 5 lbs
Billiards Belligerence 5 lbs
Black Tongue 5 lbs (does not stack with other tongues)
Blue Swayed 1-5 lbs
Boxing Day Glow 5 lbs
ChibiChanged™ 5 lbs
Cute Vision 5 lbs
Empathy 5 lbs
familiar.enq 5 lbs
Greased-Up Familiar 5 lbs (Underwater only)
Green Tongue 5 lbs (does not stack with other tongues)
Heavy Petting 5 lbs
Human-Machine Hybrid 5 lbs
Kindly Resolve 5 lbs
Loyal Tea 5 lbs
Man's Worst Enemy 5 lbs
Optimist Primal 5 lbs
Over-Familiar With Dactyls 5 lbs
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy 5 lbs
Spookyravin' 5 lbs
Squirming Like a Toad 5 lbs
Sugar-Frosted Pet Guts 5 lbs
Sweet Incentive 5 lbs
Toothy Grin 5 lbs
Turkey-Friendly 5 lbs
Video... Games? 5 lbs
Warm Shoulders 5 lbs
Work For Hours a Week 5 lbs
You Can Really Taste the Dormouse 5 lbs
Phairly Pheromonal 4 lbs
Beastly Flavor 3 lbs
Bestial Sympathy 3 lbs
Happy Salamander 3 lbs
Heart of Green 3 lbs
Souper Vengeful 3 lbs (Turtle Tamers only)
Thanksgot 2 lbs