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2010: The Dungeon Full of Dungeons has been invaded by an army of skeletons!

The proprietors quickly filled out the necessary zoning paperwork to move their operation into the Big Mountains, into the old Hall of Legends building. Despite what you may have heard, nobody was bribed.

2007: Happy Festival of Jarlsberg, everybody!

2007: Viewing the players in a clan now gives you a readout of which of those players are online, and/or in chat.

2007: The jewel-eyed wizard hat now works its buff-duration-increasing magic from your inventory, and no longer needs to be equipped for that purpose.

2005: Tonight's maintenance will be longer than usual while we do some server administration type stuff. I expect it to take less than an hour, total.

Okay, so, I screwed something up. We're gonna take the game down until we can get it fixed. We're expecting it to probably be at least 24 hours. Jick is very, very sorry about this.

2005: You can now /friend and /baleet people by playerid as well as name.

2005: Item selections are now preserved from combat to combat.

2005: The "combine stuff" link now appears whether you've got meat paste in inventory or not.

2004: Fernswarthy's Basement has been placed in its temporary home, the Dungeon Full of Dungeons. It's sort of like the Daily Dungeon, only it doesn't reset each day, it's much, much deeper, and each room is more difficult to pass than the previous.

There's also a new section of the Hall of Records for the deepest Basement delvers.

Everybody give mad props to Riff for coming up with a lot of the monsters.