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2008: A bunch of groovy interface updates today. See this forum post for details.

2007: The first stage of completion of the Deep Fat Friars quest now has a reward. Head out to the Copse for details. If you don't know the way, you can ask the copse for directions.

2007: The Gluttonous Green Ghost has been beefed up a little bit -- he used to have fullness threshold below which he wouldn't act like a starfish, and that threshold has been removed. Er, changed to 1.

2005: The Typical Tavern Quest has been redone to make it more interesting, and to make the rewards a little better.

If you were in the middle of the quest, you'll have to start over. It just... had to be done.

2005: The "Manage Store" interface has been improved. Multiple items can now be put in store stocks at the same time.

2005: Items at the maximum Mall price (999,999,999 Meat) no longer show up in mall searches

2004: Fixed a bug whereby Golden Mr. As were able to be improperly used to give way too many buffs per day.

Made the clan training and buff purchase interface remember the last thing you selected.