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2010: Skills and items that delevel enemies will now give explicit messages in combat. Explicit as in clear, not NSFW. Although...

2009: November's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store.

Also, the Underworld trunk can now be used.

2008: November's Item-of-the-Month is (obviously) going to be a little late. It still needs a bit of work and testing, and it'll most likely be ready to roll Monday night at rollover.

2006: There's now an option lurking in the Account menu to hide the clan calendar on the right side of the screen

2006: The ascension history report has been gussied up a bit, and now includes "favorite familiar" data for the runs that have it.

2005 (as October 32): The Council has some news.

November's Item-of-the-Month will be a couple of days late. Sorry 'bout that.

2005: The manage tattoo page (on the account menu) will now attempt to replace any ascension-related tattoos you may have lost.