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2010: Jick: "Almost certainly not three."
The Universe: "Ha ha ha."

May's Item-of-the-Month is done, and in testing, and will be released at rollover on Monday night. Sorry.

2008: The acid-squirting flower and Psalm of Pointiness are no longer mutually exclusive. Also, the hippy protest button now actually does something.

2005: Moving right along, Accordion Thief skills have been rebalanced and modified. Here's the post.

2005: Spiky Hair has been fixed. Instead of doing nothing, it now does something. Something!

2005: The Dwarves in Itznotyerzitz Mine now drop Meat.

2005: The levels of most of the monsters in the Palindome have been increased. Since the Pirates changed, they were too easy for the point at which the zone opens up.

2005: Fixed a problem with the Tam O' Shanter that made its bonus multiply with familiar bonuses instead of adding. Sorry, but this means less Meat at the high end...

2004: Sorry about the "delete all messages" problem and the Hall of Records not updating -- they're fixed now.