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2012: Hermit Permits are no longer consumed, so you only need one. The Hermit Script now increases his daily clover allotment by 1.

2012: The Hermit's inventory is now visible even if you don't have passes or trinkets. Also rims have been moved to the General Store.

2012: In a brief but decisive battle, the Market Demon has been ousted by General Store.

2008: May's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store!

2005: Disco Bandit skills have been updated. Check this post for details.

2005: The Orcish Frat Boys and the constellations in the HitS have been given initiative values. They were accidentally all set to zero before.

2005: Skill training costs have been changed. Now, cost = level * 1000. This is much better than the old system, in which cost = [number I pulled out of my ass].

2005: Some adventures have been added to the eXtreme slope.