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2007: As you may have noticed, there was no significant update this past Tuesday. We are, however, continuing to add miscellaneous combat weirdnesses in various places.

2007: The bug wherein Pickpocket as an autoattack was failing when you were out of MP has been fixed.

2005: Another change similar to yesterday's, but less elaborate. The ability to go inside of Cobb's Knob now opens up when the Council gives you a quest to defeat the Goblin King, at level 5.

Also, the Deep Fat Friars' Quest has been bumped up to level 7, and the difficulty of the monsters in the area has been raised accordingly.

2004: KoLCon (this weekend, March 20-21, in the Phoenix, AZ area,) is just around the corner. So if you're planning on attending, please check in in the forums and let us know.