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2009: June's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store.

2008: Pastamancers now have a much higher chance of getting their first quasi-ethereal macaroni fragments to drop in the Pantry.

2008: Fixed a bug in the combat action bar that made it impossible to change pages.

2006: Just before rollover, the comet collided with Grimace, sending a shockwave throughout chat.

2006: We regret to inform any burgeoning astronomy fans in the Kingdom that the LAAAAME Observatory has been destroyed by a direct hit from a comet that ricocheted after colliding with Grimace. A large section of Grimace itself has fallen to the Desert Beach; it is recommended that adventurers not attempt to lick it.

2006: Golden Mr. Accessories now give boxes of sunshine to whomever you have smiled on if they have ascended at least once, rather than if they are in Ronin or Hardcore.

2006: The "total profit" readout on the mall store log has been fixed.

2005: There's now an option in the account menu to prevent people from looking into your terrarium.

2005: Magical Mystery Juices now cost 100 Meat instead of 150.