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2008: January's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store. Sorry about the delay.

In other, related news, Summon Snowcones, Summon Candy Hearts, and Summon Hilarious Objects are no longer considered skills, but are accessed from a bookshelf that has appeared (as if by magic) in your campsite if you had any of those skills. January's IotM also uses this new mechanic.

2007: A mysterious trader from Distant Lands has wandered into Market Square...

In unrelated news, we totally thought today was Tuesday.

2006: The new data center is doing some sort of equipment reboot tonight (Wednesday morning at 1:00 MST) that they say will result in about ten minutes of downtime. Just a heads up.

The January item-of-the-month will more than likely go in by rollover tonight.

2005: Happy New Year! January's familiar-of-the-month is being implemented right now, and will probably become available tomorrow.

2005: In other news, the Hall of the Legends of the Times of Old has changed somewhat -- instead of being limited to 30,000 Meat per day, it's now limited to 10,000 Meat times your character level.

2005: You can now delete your profile by submitting the form with all of the fields blank. And there was much rejoicing. By Xenophobe.

2005: Clan stat training purchases are now correctly affected by the moon phases.