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2009: There are now Quest Log entries for the Sea Monkee quest line.

2009: There's now a plaque in the museum (and a line in your accomplishments, potentially) about the Crimbomination event.

2006: Clan war rooms now order their list of clans to attack by number of goodies, then alphabetically.

2006: The mushroom plot has been given an interfacelift.

2005: After months of painful deliberation, we're proud to announce the winner of the Yeti-naming contest: Riff! See the yetis in their new environment, as well as a list of the runner-up winners, in the newly unveiled Cannon Museum on the Right Side of the Tracks.

2005: Bunch of little changes:
New papaya picture!
Names in player store log now link to profiles.
You can now forbid people on your ignore list from buying from your store. This can be changed from the manage store page.