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2010: Once again, the Traveling Trader has arrived with exotic goods from far-away places.

2010: Things that stun monsters will now properly tell you when they wear off. Hooray, 2-year-old bug fix!

2009: So... yeah. The next underwater zone rolled out this past Friday, and apparently my announcement didn't get posted properly. Sorry about that.

2008: This was a trivial announcement yesterday, but it probably merits a real announcement: There's been a change to the way Meat pasting works. Items that are pastable are now designated as such, and the combine screen now only shows items that have existing paste recipes. No more huge lists.

2008: Strange things are afoot on the open seas. The mysterious plinth has begun behaving in an even more mysterious way.

2008: Beanbag chairs have gotten the meat locker / evil golden arches treatment, which was the most popular program at John Harvey Kellogg's sanatorium. They now go INSIDE your dwelling, and give bonus MP when you rest.

2008: The NPZR will no longer steal Meat after the 10th round of combat. Nerf nerf nerf.

2008: There's a new item that can be made with mummy wrappings. Ashallond will presumably be super-excited.

2006: Over the next few hours days, we're going to be converting a number of existing items into off-hand items. Check out this post in the forums for a list of affected items, and exactly what the change will entail.

2006: In your campground (and your top menu) you'll now notice a Quest Log. This currently underutilized new feature provides a way for you to keep track of what quests you're currently on, and there's a section of it where you can keep some notes. This is also where your accomplishments are displayed, now.

Also, there's some new stuff going on at the hippy camp. Take a clover!