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2008: Spectral Snapper is now no longer unusable with a ranged weapon equipped.

2006: The game will now tell you when you have gained a level as a result of stat gains.

2006: Tomes of snowcone summoning now mark you no-delete. Those of you who had used one before and weren't no-delete are now.

2005: added "propose trade" link to the player profile.

2003: Lots of new stuff today. Read the post about it in the forums.

2003: The Spooky Forest is now fully populated, with loads of adventures and a bunch of new items.

2003: The Hidden Temple now exists, though it requires some effort to get there. Search the Forest for clues.

2003: It is now possible to construct a Meat Golem... Some other campsite furnishings can also be constructed from things found in the forest.

2003: There also now exist magical weapons, hats, and pants.