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2011: Cobb's Knob has gotten an HGTV-style makeover -- fancy new graphics, and lots of new monsters and items.

2009: The Happy Salamander effect now actually does something. Sorry about that.

2006: Rollover will be long tonight (2/16) so we can perform a little bit of maintenance.

Edit: Maintenance successful. Yay!

2005: I added two new chat channels today. /radio is open to everybody, and is for discussion of (huge surprise, here,) Radio KoL. The other channel is /pvp, and it becomes available to you when you break your Hippy Stone.

2005: A change has been made to the way damage absorption works. It was previously possible (pretty easy, actually) to get your absorption percentage over 100%, which is obviously not the way things should've been. You'll take slightly more damage from monsters close to your own level, now.

Also, I added a Moxie boost reagent potion to fill in what I believe is the final gap in the reagent potion structure. Thanks to ShadowsLight for pointing out the need, and to Karl Dark for suggesting the name.