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2008: Fixed a bug that was causing some intrinsic effects to persist through ascension.

2008: To avoid (or possibly cause) confusion, the Tome of Transcendent Olfaction has been renamed to the Manual of Transcendent Olfaction.

2006: Ultra-rares, everywhere! Okay, not really. The various ultra rare dropping monsters appear with a much higher frequency today... but when defeated, give just an image of their associated ultra-rare item, followed by a 'Fatal error: Call to undefined function giveitem() in /var/www/virtuals/www.kingdomofloathing.com/htdocs/fight.php on line 5035'.

Also, The Spectral Pickle Factory appeared... in the The Distant Woods. You can't click it there. You can find it invisible in the plains where it normally is.

Finally, going to the KoL website takes you instead to a web page that says that www.kingdomofloathing.com was purchased by site-pimp.com. Clicking on any of the links on this page (particularly the 'April Fools Gag' link) takes you to the KoL login screen.

2005: In an effort to increase revenue, a small number of tasteful and unobtrusive advertisements have been added to the site.

The way stat gains from fights are calculated has been changed to scale a little bit more smoothly as the monsters you're fighting go up in power. The net effect is a slight increase in gains, overall.

2004: Here we are now, on the new server. There might be some unexpected turbulence. So buckle your safety belts, because if there's one thing the human body is not built to withstand, it's unexpected turbulence.

The server will have to be referred to by IP address for a few days.