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Has the teleporting-to-inaccessible areas been fixed? See #Notes.



For some reason, you keep randomly teleporting from place to place. It's kind of annoying.

Your position seems uncertain...

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Effect number: 58
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  • Randomly transports you to any accessible area when you attempt to adventure.
  • Equipping a ring of teleportation no longer gives this effect, however the behavior is the same.
  • If you have acquired the plus sign from the "Typographical Clutter" adventure, you may instead encounter "The Oracle Will See You Now"; once you have purchased a major consultation, this will no longer occur.
  • While rare, it's possible to go through the usual five turns of Teleportitis without encountering "The Oracle Will See You Now" even if you have the plus sign. Keep trying, and you will get it eventually.
  • You will only be teleported if you are attempting to adventure in a zone that is processed by the adventure.php script (see Areas by Number for a full list).
  • It is possible to be teleported into areas you normally cannot reach, such as Camp Logging Camp in Little Canadia when you haven't ascended under a Mysticality sign. If the effect wears off while visiting one of these areas, you can continue to adventure there. However, you cannot enter the restricted area proper. (Continuing the example, clicking on the "Return to Little Canadia" link at the conclusion of a logging camp adventure will not let you enter Little Canadia.) (This may have been a bug that has been fixed across the board; posted trivial updates include one about limiting Degrassi Knoll to the non-Muscle signed, but no mention of other areas has been made.)
  • Casino adventures triggered by Teleportitis take your Meat as normal.
  • The Naughty Sorceress will dispel Teleportitis, if you attack her while it's active.
  • You can still fight in the Hedge Maze, fight Ed the Undying, fight The Man or The Big Wisniewski, visit The Mist-Shrouded Peak (during the Mt. McLargeHuge Quest), smash some barrels, play in The Game Grid Arcade, adventure in The Casino or use a reflection of a map with Teleportitis.
  • Was randomly a requirement to open one of The 3 Gates in the old tower before the gates were removed.


  • Teleportitis references the computer game NetHack.
  • In NetHack, teleportitis can be conferred by a variety of sources, including (but not limited to) eating the corpses of creatures with teleportation abilities or wearing (or eating) specific pieces of equipment. Getting hit by a quantum mechanic will merely teleport you once to a random location in the current level.
    • Oddly enough, potions are not among the list of possible sources of teleportitis in NetHack.