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teddy bear
teddy bear

Awwww... a cute widdle fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear! It's sooooo cuuuuute, with its button nose and its cute little eyes and its cute little tail! This little guy will be your companion for life -- he's perfect for those long journeys away from home to save the world from aliens and stuff. Just give him a squeeze when you start to feel homesick.

Hatches into:
Teddy Bear

Type: familiar
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: teddy bears)
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Item number: 1395
Description ID: 350981439
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Obtained From

sturdy Crimbo crate (0-1)


Uncle-30px.gif 2 google eyes 4 wads of stuffing 2 squares of felt
Equals.gif teddy bear

When Used

You put the teddy bear in your Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium.

Your other familiars start using it as a punching bag.
You decide to name him Grullace.


  • The description references the SNES role-playing game EarthBound. The heroes take a long journey away from home to save the world from aliens, and the main character is prone to homesickness (Which affects his battle performance). In the game, you can buy a Teddy Bear who will protect your party from damage until it is reduced to stuffing. The Teddy Bear does not protect against homesickness, though (that's the job of little chicks and calls home to mom).


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