Tattoo Shop

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Tattoo Shop
Tattoo Shop

You step into a shack that appears to be fitted out as a tattoo parlor. The walls are covered with samples and flash, many of them hobo-oriented. A large bearded man in a leather vest, his arms and chest covered with tattoos, looks up as you enter.

"Hey there," he grunts, then looks at you more closely. "Say, nice tattoo."

"Thanks," you say. "I got it in Seaside Town."

"The Pretentious Artist, huh? Yeah, thought I recognized the style. Interest you in another one?"

"Well," you say, looking around at the rough plywood walls and dirt floor, "no offense, but is your setup here really... sanitary?"

"Oh sure, I use a brand-new needle every time." He shows you a pack of dime-store sewing needles, and takes one out. "Have a seat," he says, breaking open a ballpoint pen and dipping the needle in the ink.

Get a tattoo for 20 hobo nickels

"Done," says the artist after a few painful minutes.

"What do you think?"

You inspect the hobo glyph inscribed on your skin. "That's it? It looks... er... I guess it looks pretty good. What does it mean?"

"Beats me, I can't read those things. I think it means 'Strength' or 'Honor' or something." "Great," you say. "With my luck it's probably a take-out menu."

Hobotat1.gif You have unlocked a new tattoo.

No thanks

You decide you don't need any questionable hobo-related art on your body, and get directions out of the marketplace instead.

Occurs as a sub-adventure of Body Modifications in The Hobo Marketplace.


  • If you have already received a tattoo, you will receive the adventure Tattoo Redux instead.
  • If you have completed the tattoo, you get:
You pop your head into the tattoo shop, but the biker shakes his head. "Naw man, I don't think I can add any more to that. Don't want to overwork it, you know?"
Relieved, you exit the Marketplace.


  • This adventure refers to the tendency of people to get Chinese character tattoos without knowing what they mean (and sometimes meaning something quite absurd).