Tattered scrap of paper

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tattered scrap of paper
tattered scrap of paper

This is a rectangularish scrap of yellowed paper. Y'know that smell that old books have, that reminds you of a library? This has that, except it reminds you of an evil library.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: combat item
Selling Price: 45 Meat.

Lets you escape from combat without spending an Adventure

(In-game plural: tattered scraps of paper)
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Item number: 1959
Description ID: 695577512
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Obtained From

The Haunted Library
Sonofa Beach
A Latter-Day Litter Letter
Just the Facts (after some combats, see this helpful tool made by Semenar.)

When Used

You wad up the paper and throw it at your opponent. It brushes against the flame from a nearby candle and explodes with evil green magic. When the smoke clears (there was also smoke, which I forgot to mention) your foe is nowhere to be seen.
Eyes.gifYou acquire an effect: Everything Looks Green
(duration: 40 Adventures)

If you already have Everything Looks Green:

Your eyes are still ringing from the last green thing you saw. Maybe you should wait.



  • When used, combat ends in a free runaway. Free runaways do not take a turn, but they do advance Delay counters.
    • Familiar usage is incremented at the beginning of combat, so using one of these will not save your 100% run.


  • At some point on or before October 2, 2014, this item had its autosell changed from 35.
  • On January 2nd, 2024, this item was changed to always succeed (it previously had a 50% success rate) and give Everything Looks Green.
    • The previous use messages for success & failure were as follows:
You quickly fold the tattered scrap of paper into an origami unicorn and set it in front of your opponent. As <it> stares at it, puzzling over its implications, you beat feet out of there.
You attempt to fold the tattered scrap of paper into some kind of philosophically distracting origami, but the best you can manage is a sort of squashy giraffe. Your opponent is unimpressed.


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