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Not a lot I can say about being covered in hot tar, except that it really really sucks. The smell is severely nauseating, it's never gonna come out of your hair, and you're one pillow-fight away from looking like a victim of 18th-century mob justice.

+20 Stench Damage
Continually take damage

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Effect number: 416
Description ID: 44d5caa5c134dad2a5bce2caa126f6f9
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Obtained From


  • In every round of combat, you will receive the following message:
You gag from the smell of the tar.
HPYou lose 1-3 hit points. (stench damage)


  • The final sentence refers to tarring and feathering, a punishment involving covering somebody first with tar and then with feathers (which stick to the tar).
  • The name of the effect is probably a reference to being star-struck, which is when a person is fascinated by fame or famous people.

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