Tapped black lotus

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tapped black lotus
tapped black lotus

This is a beautiful and rare flower that has been turned sideways. It's so beautiful that it's illegal to use in flower tournaments, because it gives its owner such an unfair advantage. Luckily, it's so rare that this hardly ever becomes an issue. But it's so beautiful that when it does come up, everybody is really impressed, and due to its rarity they're more likely to remember it for a long time.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's very rare and beautiful, okay.

Selling Price: 5000 Meat.
Gift Item

(In-game plural: tapped black loti)
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Item number: 1237
Description ID: 303293572
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Obtained From

black lotus (tapping)

When Used

  • With adventures remaining:
You wait until it's your turn, then untap the black lotus.
AdventuresYou lose 1 Adventure.
Lotus.gifYou acquire an item: black lotus
  • Without adventures remaining:
It's not your turn.


  • The name, image and text for this item are references to the Black Lotus card from the card game Magic: The Gathering. The Black Lotus is incredibly rare and is illegal to use in virtually all Magic: The Gathering tournament formats.
  • The terms tap and untap are from Magic terminology: many cards require you to tap them (ie, turn them sideways) to activate their abilities. You can't activate these abilities again until after you untap them (turn them back the right way up) at the beginning of your next turn or otherwise.
  • The picture of this item may irk a few Magic players, as it's tapped the "wrong way" - the vast majority of players tap their cards by turning them 90 degrees clockwise, although there's no rule that specifies which way cards are tapped.
  • In Magic, you can't untap the Black Lotus after playing its ability, because it needs to be sacrificed as part of its activation cost, and therefore would be removed from play before you next untapped.

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