Tao of the Terrapin

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Tao of the Terrapin

Tao of the Terrapin

Type: Passive
MP Cost: N/A

Like hippies, turtles live in their clothes. Unlike hippies, turtles' clothes provide a hard protective shell for their sensitive innards. Well, unlike hippies who are only on day fifteen of a new outfit. You have sufficiently pondered the mystery of the turtle, whose clothes are both home and protection, to understand how to imbue your clothing with the same properties. As such, any hat or pants you equip will be doubled in power. Now go take a shower, hippy.

Doubles Hat/Pants power

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 15,000 Meat
Class: Turtle Tamer
Level: 15
Effect: Makes your pants power and hat power doubly effective.


  • As a side-effect of increasing the power of hats and pants, this skill drastically increases the effectiveness of Headbutt and Kneebutt.


  • This skill's description was changed on March 14, 2006 from "By studying the secret martial arts of turtles, you've learned how to fend off damage more effectively. This skill will make Ghostly and Astral Shells twice as effective."
  • Its effect and level were also changed: it used to be a level 7 skill which doubled the Damage Absorption of Ghostly Shell and Astral Shell (+40 and/or +80).
  • Before Skin of the Leatherback, this skill had the same effect as Skin of the Leatherback.