Tan-U-Lots Tanning Bed

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Tan-U-Lots Tanning Bed

The Tan-U-Lots Tanning Bed is an optional piece of training equipment which sits on the rug in the Clan Rumpus Room. It may be installed for 50,000 Meat. Adventures are spent in exchange for Moxie substat point gains. The amount of Moxie gained is dependent upon your primary stat.

The Tanning Bed may be used when falling down drunk

When "Used"

  • Before tanning:
This looks like just the thing to improve your tan.
  • After tanning:
You bake under the artificial sunlight.
You gain X Smarm.


  • X ranges from 3*M/20 to 3*M/10, where M is your unbuffed primary stat, capped at 100 (that is, the maximum range is 15 to 30 Cheek).