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Organization of Recipes?

For organizing what turns brown, perhaps group them according to primary - tertiary colors, like a graph similar to the cocktailcrafting charts or familiar arena strength charts?

Actually, it might be better to just have a page for vials of slime to show that, come to think of it, for people who aren't good with the color wheel. Maybe something like:

2 - Violet 3 - Purple 1 - Red 3 - Vermilion 2 - Orange
3 - Indigo --- --- --- 3 - Amber
1 - Blue --- --- --- 1 - Yellow

But with some color coding, and it'd work better if it could be triangular, probably. The idea is that a 3 can only combine with an adjacent 1 or else become brown. (Not sure if 2+3=brown or not) and 2 has to combine with the next 1 or else also brown. Still, it might just be easier to do a complex chart with everything detailed instead of making people do math stuff. --Keristars 02:59, 18 February 2010 (UTC)

  • I've split it off the main page for the time being. As it stands, there are 59 possible ways to make brown slime. As it has more than 10x the possible recipes than any other item in the game...well, I think the reason for the split is self-evident.--Toffile 02:29, 20 February 2010 (UTC)