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Seems like the PRNG headaches that wiped out everyone's pen pal and yeti names also affected the Trivial Avocations cards - the list above shows card #159 is "Q: What did Señor Riff Robinson, mayor of Wibbleshire, find when he opened the time capsule that had been buried under the old folks' home on Petember 1st, 1853? A: Bishop Simon XIX, ruler of Flansburgh and the Amazing Woods." The card #159 I just got was "Q: What did Maury Cartwright's grandma find in the fishtank on Bill third, 1912? A: A wonderful gravy." Maybe this is the revised edition of Trivial Avocations with all new questions? --Johnny Treehugger 21:55, 5 July 2012 (CEST)