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I counted my adventures after rollover. I had 130 adventures to start with (before rollover). Then I had:

+40 Rollover +8 Clockwork Maid +4 Pagoda +3 Imitation Nice Watch +3 Clan Calendar +3 Time Helmet +3 Time Sword +3 Time Trousers

And all this came to 199 adventures. (When only 197 are accounted for) This would indicate that the outfit gives 2 adventures per day (rather than one).

(In case you were wondering, I did not have any other adventure-giving items equipped. I left my TPBMeatcars off...good thing too. ^_^; ) ~jackofallgames

Pagoda only gives +3 so the outfit must give +3 adventures instead of +2... ~Capn

The pocketwatch you appear as might be a reference to the movie "The Time Machine", in which the protagonist has a pocketwatch which winds extremely fast to indicate his travel backward or forward in time. --Shokwave 06:49, 2 June 2006 (CDT)