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Card Messages

  • You throw one of the cards at your opponent. Apparently the card had a smelly hippy on it for some reason, because him gags and chokes and suffers X (stench) damage. Nerds, man. Can't they just put regular stuff on their cards?
  • You pick a card at random and see that it has a scary demon printed on it. How original. You hurl it at your opponent, who suffers X (hot) damage from the demon's tiny two-dimensional red-hot poker.
  • You pull a card out of the fan and notice that it has two things on it: a skeleton, and a typo. Disgusted at the lack of quality control, you hurl it at your opponent, who is apparently as scared of misspellings as you are, and takes X (spooky) damage.
  • You pull out a card with some sort of ridiculous martial arts-wielding snowman on it and sigh as you throw it shurikenlike at your foe, dealing X (cold) damage.
  • You pull a card from the fan, read the crude attempt at humor printed on it, and shake your head as you throw it at your opponent in disgust. He suffers X (Sleaze) damage worth of embarrassment at the quality of the jokes.

Yakatz (talk) 04:04, 10 March 2014 (UTC)