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With tree-holed coin

Shadows gather as you follow the path into the dark thicket. The shadows skitter 
off before you can see what they were gathering, but that's not important right now. 
What's important is that you're in the thick of this thicket, and you should get busy 
with whatever you're doing in here so you can get the hell out.

There's a slightly darker path than the path you came in on, leading deeper into the 
thicket. There's also an area of extremely thick plant growth off to the side of the 

Off in the distance, you notice a pair of trees that look suspiciously like two of 
the three holes in that weird coin you found in Chester Meatpot's Wallet.

You hold up the coin and look through it, and sure enough, they match up! You see 
something sticking out of the ground through the third hole -- you should totally go 
check out whatever that thing is!

Additional Choice: Follow the coin

--Itsatrap 04:58, 25 August 2010 (UTC)