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Hmm, the KoL pic says The Valhalladay Inn, but the text here (I'm assmuming from KoL) says Valhalliday in it a few times, we need to check in-game if this is our error or Jick's ;-) Next to ascend should recopy and repaste The Valhalladay Inn game text here. --JRSiebz 09:00, 9 Aug 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Okay, look, I know this page is older than dirt, and totally obsolete, but seriously, I like quality control. On what basis was it said that KNN is a reference to CNN? the NN stands for News Network. There are dozens of [letter]NNs in the world, and KNN is no more a "reference" to CNN than any of the real News Networks in countries that don't speak english. It obviously stands for "Kingdom News Network". If someone doesn't link me to something that says that Jick intended it to be taken this way, I am going to delete that line and replace it with "KNN most likely stands for Kingdom News Network, a reference to similarly-abbreviated news networks across the world." --HikaruYami 10:03, 20 August 2012 (CEST)