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Visiting "Broken Skee-Ball Machine" sent me to a results page of: (indenting mine)

Against your better judgement, you drop a token in the Skee-Ball machine. It lights up and begins to make noise, which is sort of promising, but the lights give way to flickering chaos and the noises give way to a repetitive, indistinct thumping of machinery. Eventually the score display lights up:
Fantastic! You scored... LEnO points? Apparently LEnO points are worth 10 redemption tickets, because, miraculously, the ticket dispenser on the base of the machine apparently still works.
Ggticket.gifYou acquire 10 Game Grid tickets

--JRSiebz (|§|) 07:42, 1 June 2010 (UTC)

These games are complex. That's a lot of content. All the games I've tried that take adventures return a number of tickets relative to your score in the game. Anyone know how many tickets you get if you beat a game.--Filmore 13:00, 1 June 2010 (UTC)

For losing fighters of fighting and space trip, got five tickets. Just a hint, crabs aren't the only thing that count in space trip. Probably. --Jeevesjaner 01:33, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

Do we really have to tell people the skeeball machine references skeeball machines? Why not add that the arcade is a reference to arcades? This is getting pretty ridiculous.--P4n1q 02:54, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

  • Dewd, "machines" are a reference to terminator and the matrix! --RoyalTonberry 03:39, 18 July 2010 (UTC)
  • I'd lust like to say that I didn't know what a Skee-Ball Machine was until the GG Arcade arrived. So i say keep it.--Acinixys Planicauda 07:15, 18 July 2010 (UTC)
    • Okay, but this wiki didn't actually even tell you what a Skee-Ball machine _is_. It just told you that the Skee-Ball machine is a Skee-Ball machine. It provides zero useful information whatsoever.--P4n1q 20:25, 18 July 2010 (UTC)
      • i like the pointlessness of the "a is a", since in this case it's warranted, skee-ball is neither current nor universal, and the link saves a wiki search.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Evilkolbot (talkcontribs) on 20:31, 18 July 2010 (UTC)
        • Warranted? By what logic? Goblins are neither current nor universal, but there isn't a reference stating that the Goblins are Goblins. If there simply wasn't a reference, one would have to assume that "a is a" since nothing here states otherwise. Inability to look something up for yourself is not a valid reason to make something a reference. --Almightysapling 23:58, 30 May 2011 (UTC)

Um quick question, I don't have tickets, or game grid tokens, and yet I still see the arcade. This might either be a bug due to the lag fest that just happened or conditions to keep it open are different. Argus 07:00, 10 September 2010 (UTC)

  • Either those mother of all lags is to blame or you might own a Game Grid valued membership card. --Yatsufusa 07:21, 10 September 2010 (UTC)
  • No membership card, and after all the lag it's still present. Possibly stupid possibility, but if you have traded at least one, it still shows? I've used all my coffee pixie stix, no tickets, no tokens, no membership card, and yet it's still present. Argus 19:53, 10 September 2010 (UTC)

High Scores

Is it possible +/or desirable to add an All-Time High Scores table?

Today's High Scores are all well and good, but if you've played all the games at least once and just want to farm tickets for prizes, it might be handy to know where to invest your time. Plus of course the daily in-game tables are, well, daily, where most RL arcade tables are persistent for much, much longer. The current optimum run through Dungeon Fist (23,800 points = 30 tickets) might not warrant naming of any individual scorer/s, but the other games are a little more variable and it'd be good to see some lasting recognition for the high scorers. --MadKingSoupII 23:59, 30 December 2011 (CET)

  • It's not what the wiki is for. How to play guides, sure, some else's score, no. Notice how the wiki does not store any Museum scoreboards either. Other people do, but not here. --Club (#66669) (Talk) 08:02, 31 December 2011 (CET)


Latest revision as of 18:23, 2013 November 4 (edit) (undo)
Sellbot (Talk | contribs)
(The Game Grid does not appear with just a Game Grid ticket in inventory)

I'm pretty sure that was accurate when it went in the page. Today I can't get the arcade to go away on any of my multis even after clearing my inventory of tickets and tokens. I certainly don't have the membership or the familiar on any but my main. So what gates access now? Having been there once? --Club (#66669) (Talk) 04:53, 5 November 2013 (UTC)

As I usually do hardcore runs, I didn't reflect too much about this, but I just noticed this: In hardcore, I have access to the Game Grid (which I use daily to check for the token). In softcore, apparently I don't... I'm not sure why I had access during HC in the first place, though. I don't have the Rogue Program familiar, but there are some tokens in Hagnk's. My membership card is in my dc and shouldn't do anything from there. Has anyone any insight in this? --Yatsufusa (talk) 09:08, 6 December 2014 (UTC)