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We need to add a lot more info here but I'm not sure how to set it up with additional pages. Most of the information below should at least be linked in.

enhance gives a daily buff of 25 turns of: 60% meat 30% items or +50 initiative

further buffs can be unlocked with .enh terminal files critical- 10% crit and spell crit chance damage- 5 prismatic dmg substats-

duration of buffs can be extended. (pram and ingram) additional uses of the buffs per day. (scram and cram)

enquiry Gives a rollover buff of either +5 familiar weight or monsters.enq which gives +25ML the duration of buff can be increased (gram and diagram) Further RO buffs can be unlocked with .enq source files: protect- all res +3 stats-

educate gives skills. By default only one skill (more with dram) can be "stored" at a time. MP cost of skills can be reduced (ashram and spam?)

either extract (use in combat for source essence and low chance of terminal-upgrade items) or digitize (arrow/wink 2.0)- use once per day, can be increased to three times (tram and trigram). So far no known limit on number of copies, but the delay between copies increases.

further skills can be unlocked with .edu files. compress- stun (or stagger?) and deal 25% of mob's hp in damage. duplicate- duplicate monster (get two chances at item drops, but make fight harder.) once-a-day, can't be increased? portscan- provoke a source agent fight, 3 times a day. turbo- Increase your maximum MP by 100% and then recover up to 1,000 MP, then gives you a debuff- Overheated: Maximum MP Percent: -50 and disables turbo for 30 turns. (debuff is removable)

extrude spend source essence (from using extract in combat) on various things- 10 for food or booze, 100 for the goggles (+10% Item Drops from Monsters & Improves yields of the Extraction skill)

further items can be unlocked with .ext files- (these create untradable chips) cram- 1000 essence, increase number of daily enhances allowed. limit 1? dram- 1000 essence, have two educate skills at the same time. limit 1? familiar.ext- 10k essence (not to be confused with the familiar enquiry, which is already enabled by default. this probably creates the hatchling "software bug"?) gram- 100 essence, creates a gram chip which extends the enquiry (rollover buff) pram-100 each, up to ten. extend enhance by 5 turns each? spam- 100 each, up to ten. reduce MP cost of educate skills. tram- 1000 essence, additional daily use of digitize.

tradable chips: (misc upgrades, drops after using extract?) Ashram- reduces MP cost of educate skills? diagram- extend the enquiry (rollover buff) ingram- extend enhance from 25 to 50 adventures scram- increase number of daily enhances allowed Trigram- additional daily use of digitize. \