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I haven't seen the stats presneted by anyone else here on the wiki. I used 100 piles at a time until I had enough to get the whole set of bones. It took 1000 piles altogether, giving me 507 bones all told, to get the full set. I did this on a hardcore character, no trophy for building a misshappen animal familiar in HC, alas. (I didn't note how many adventures it took to collect all those piles; next time maybe.) Here's a table of what I got from those 1000 piles:

Item Quantity
dusty animal cranium 3
dusty animal jawbone 7
dusty animal pelvis 9
dusty eighth caudal vertebra 2
dusty eighth thoracic vertebra 4
dusty eleventh thoracic vertebra 4
dusty fifth caudal vertebra 7
dusty fifth cervical vertebra 6
dusty fifth lumbar vertebra 5
dusty fifth thoracic vertebra 3
dusty first caudal vertebra 3
dusty first cervical vertebra 8
dusty first lumbar vertebra 3
dusty first thoracic vertebra 9
dusty fourth caudal vertebra 3
dusty fourth cervical vertebra 6
dusty fourth lumbar vertebra 6
dusty fourth thoracic vertebra 5
dusty left clavicle 7
dusty left eighth rib 6
dusty left eleventh rib 2
dusty left femur 3
dusty left fibula 3
dusty left fifth rib 3
dusty left first front claw 3
dusty left first rear claw 7
dusty left first rib 1
dusty left fourth front claw 9
dusty left fourth rear claw 7
dusty left fourth rib 6
dusty left humerus 3
dusty left kneecap 6
dusty left ninth rib 3
dusty left radius 7
dusty left scapula 3
dusty left second front claw 8
dusty left second rear claw 6
dusty left second rib 1
dusty left seventh rib 6
dusty left sixth rib 7
dusty left tenth rib 5
dusty left third front claw 5
dusty left third rear claw 3
dusty left third rib 8
dusty left thumb 1
dusty left tibia 10
dusty left twelfth rib 1
dusty left ulna 7
dusty ninth caudal vertebra 1
dusty ninth thoracic vertebra 8
dusty right clavicle 2
dusty right eighth rib 2
dusty right eleventh rib 4
dusty right femur 4
dusty right fibula 7
dusty right fifth rib 6
dusty right first front claw 3
dusty right first rear claw 9
dusty right first rib 8
dusty right fourth front claw 2
dusty right fourth rear claw 3
dusty right fourth rib 4
dusty right humerus 7
dusty right kneecap 2
dusty right ninth rib 8
dusty right radius 6
dusty right scapula 2
dusty right second front claw 3
dusty right second rear claw 4
dusty right second rib 1
dusty right seventh rib 3
dusty right sixth rib 1
dusty right tenth rib 6
dusty right third front claw 5
dusty right third rear claw 7
dusty right third rib 3
dusty right thumb 5
dusty right tibia 8
dusty right twelfth rib 2
dusty right ulna 6
dusty sacral vertebrae 8
dusty second caudal vertebra 6
dusty second cervical vertebra 4
dusty second lumbar vertebra 5
dusty second thoracic vertebra 4
dusty seventh caudal vertebra 4
dusty seventh cervical vertebra 9
dusty seventh lumbar vertebra 4
dusty seventh thoracic vertebra 7
dusty sixth caudal vertebra 4
dusty sixth cervical vertebra 4
dusty sixth lumbar vertebra 10
dusty sixth thoracic vertebra 7
dusty tenth caudal vertebra 6
dusty tenth thoracic vertebra 10
dusty third caudal vertebra 7
dusty third cervical vertebra 3
dusty third lumbar vertebra 10
dusty third thoracic vertebra 7
dusty twelfth thoracic vertebra 6

--Club (#66669) (Talk) 17:29, 11 December 2006 (CST)

Acquire Picture

Is there any way to change the aquire picture? You never get the completed skull from the pile. Why does the weird template have to make things so complicated to editors? --Someone Else 13:50, 20 January 2007 (CST)


As unlikely as it seems, is it possible that one could, over a long, long period of time, use only piles of bones after defeating a certain species , like a cat, and autosell or closet all piles after fighting something else, like a hamster, and get a different result than the misshapen skeleton?Lotusduck 07:38, 16 July 2007 (CDT)

  • I would assume that it's impossible. As far as the game system is concerned, one pile is indistiguishable from another, since they stack with each other. --BaruMonkey 16:29, 21 August 2007 (CDT)

I just received 2 bones from a single pile of bones. The item description hinted that this was possible, but the possibility does not appear to be indicated in the wiki page itself. I'm not sure what the best way to edit that in is, though. --Cait 13:18, 29 April 2009 (UTC)