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Has anyone gotten a woim in the oily peak? --Stannius 17:18, 16 November 2012 (CET) I just did, against a cartel, first use of a boid that fight. --Doglord 17:30, 16 November 2012 (CET)

  • It took me 13 tries to get the first woim. After subsequent 29 tries I couldn't get a second one (for my dc), got sick of it and bought one from the mall. Maybe you can get only one per ascension? --Yatsufusa 10:58, 17 November 2012 (CET)
    • If it is like the RoboGoose (and I have a hunch it is), the way to get a second one is to have the hatchling in Hagnk's when you try again. That worked this ascension for me on the (different aquire mechanic) talkative skull. --Club (#66669) (Talk) 05:12, 18 November 2012 (CET)

I just got one from an Oily Boid. Then put the Woim in my mall store and farmed another one. I used about 10-12 Oily Boid's to get the second one. After I got it, I checked my store and the first hatchling is still there. So it is possible to get more than one per ascension. -- Straha 22:01, 25 November 2012 (CET)

44 for the first Woim for me --Darzil 17:09, 30 November 2012 (CET)

It looks to me like the first (x) uses of an Oily Bird kingdom-wide after rollover gets the Woim. I keep hearing about people getting it at about this time of night. And, it makes total sense. Shall we somehow test it? It's either all this, or I'm theorizing the chance is dependent on time after rollover--Corvett 05:53, 6 December 2012 (CET)

A response to my first message. I used 18 tonight (I funkslinged 10, none of them worked) and the very last one dropped. I did this as soon as rollover was over. It looks like it's not the first "x" uses, but that chances are just higher closer to rollover somehow. --Corvett 04:44, 7 December 2012 (CET)

Someone just got 148 woims/1000 boids. Seems like ~15% to me...--Cannonfire40 06:16, 24 December 2012 (CET)

I'm 4/78, and got two in one round w/funkslinging. --Top1214 09:43, 4 January 2013 (CET)

I just burned through about... 39? of these on greybobcat and did not succeed in getting a woim. Hard to tell how many it was, because I'm just counting the green text "Using 3 bubblin' crudes." lines in the chat pane, and some of those are failures when I ran out of bubblin' crude and had to buy another batch in the mall. I used 2 per combat, one at a time (not funkslung). I'm giving up for now. If I have to do this in the middle of the night due to rollover, that will make me sad. --Greycat (talk) 20:50, 23 May 2013 (UTC)

After another bunch of failures, and a complaint in chat, I was informed that the woim is tradable. Argh! So much wasted meat on bubblin' crude, and so much wasted time throwing them at monsters and having it never ever work, not even once. I'm beginning to believe that there is some unknown aspect of this mechanism which prevents it from working under some unknown condition. Maybe being under a Bad Moon sign? No idea. --Greycat (talk) 13:45, 17 June 2013 (UTC)


I have just, by a combination of luck and internetibality discovered a webcomic called Cheesebo, featuring Woim and Boid. I'll add it.--Blargh 02:04, 1 January 2013 (CET)

  • I'm inclined to think this is just the game making similar word play jokes, not a reference. Unless you can provide some evidence besides similar four letter misspellings. --Club (#66669) (Talk) 02:12, 1 January 2013 (CET)