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The Knob Goblin Chef has approximately 15 HP.

Snarles2: I collected some item drop data over 100 Adventures, on a multi with no item drop bonuses Here's the data for the Knob Goblin Chef

Chefs:58 Wad Of Dough:10 tomato:5 Knob Sausage:6 Therefore, crappy accuracy percentage drops are: Wad of Dough 20% Tomato 10% Sausage 10%

(These are accuracte to one significant figure)

More Item Drop Info

Era 1DateAdventuresknob sausagetomatowad of doughKnob Goblin spatulaInformationSource
17-May-06590799897N/AItem Drop Bonus: 0%eepiccolo
17-May-06996184174184N/AItem Drop Bonus: +20%eepiccolo
17-May-06411839087N/AItem Drop Bonus: +40%eepiccolo
total adj for bonus1997291.6307.3312.5N/Afractional drops due to adjustment for item drop bonuseepiccolo
Era 205-Sept-062379454400432204Item Drop Bonus: +20%Yiab
05-Sept-0659112312311670Item Drop Bonus: +40%Yiab
05-Sept-0660112814314158Item Drop Bonus: +50%Yiab