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It's been called "egregious" and "horrendous" ... the black velvet box scam of '06 ... hundreds of thousands of free black velvet boxes were taken from The Gift Shop, and with only 1 meat put into them, they were cruelly sent out to recipients on February 14, 2006, Valentine's Day, or the day that will be forever known as Teal Tuesday. What were they thinking??? What madness possessed them to such wonton acts of depravity?! It's lucky for us that Jick took the initiative, 3 months after this evil act was committed, to make sure all such boxes were taken away from the people who received them. Maybe you'll think next time, free-box stealers, before stealing free boxes and sending them to people with only 1 meat in them!!! And don't think we haven't noticed you, plain brown wrapper thieves!!! That's right, ZeroDoodle and bhauth - Your time is running out!!! --Gothhenge 10:41, 4 May 2006 (CDT)

The removal was because they were screwing up the database. Normal objects just take one database row regardless of how many you have. I.e., if you have 24,601 Heteroerotic frat paddles, there's just a database row for 'heteroerotic frat paddle, quantity 24601'. However, since gift items like this can contain things, there has to be a separate row for each and every individual black velvet box in the database so the amount of stuff in them can be individually listed. The number quoted in [this forum thread] is that 2/3 of all objects in the database were black velvet boxes. That's... nontrivial. --Allanc 19:28, 4 May 2006 (CDT)