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I went through and wikified a whole bunch of stuff, and rewrote basically everything, and added some stuff, and took some stuff out. In addition, I cleaned up this talk page. If you'd like to see old content (it was out of date, as all of the stuff it was talking about hasn't been on the main page for several revisions), it's in the history. -Zilly 19:10, 10 December 2005 (Central Standard Time)

I belive that the Diccionary is better than the Black Lotus, since is free and you get one in each Ascension. With the lotus you loose 50 k, that's plenty of meat. Maybe you can adventure in the Ice Peak before buying it, but still, 50k lost. User: Fernando Bono Around March 16º

Black Lotus are critical for high speed runs. I and others have had to pulled two for some two day runs (soda water runs). Yes, the dictionary is much cheaper. Since they are tradeable you can pick them up for less than 46K. For slow runs (4+ days), they are better. Once you are using +ML and LT/LTS on every monster a dictionary is a wasted pull. --Crowther 16:06, 16 March 2006 (CST)

Having the dictionary in inventory is useful for the "starfish trick" as you can read it for zero damage in most areas, thus maximizing the rounds for MP recharge. This has the added advantage of not needing to unequip your weapon, which is both more convenient and sometimes useful once you are fully charged or nearing the 30 round limit. --Coax75ohm 19:18, 24 April 2006 (CDT)

Green Snowcones

While I agree in the utility of said green snowcones, the section on them is a bit misleading/innacurate. Namely as apposed to the presented alternatives, leveling the familiars up or pulling specific equipment, there is the pre snowcone strategy. This involved either Arenaing 1 time for 10 turns and using something like an elemental gravy fairy for the last battle giving you the lead necklace, or simply pulling the lead necklace and then spending the 1-2 adventures on each familiar. Also I'd be curious, though it is irrelevent as people that can afford speed ascending have summon snowcone, if it is reasonable in term of turns with your +ML equipment to hit the treasury and hope to snag the outfit for heavy petting. Seems like itd require abnormally good RNG luck but not entirely absurd. Similarly if you can't summon a snowcone it might be intresting to note you can always pull the pith helm if you have it and can equip it, it is the end of the run though I appreciate most serious runs are myst classes anymore.--Practitioner of Saucy Arts 04:41, 29 April 2006 (CDT)

The hobo needs mentionining!--Fly boy42 21:23, 18 May 2006 (CDT)


I've never heard of anyone pulling muscle food and drink as a non-muscle class. Everyone I know tries to get their mysticality up in an attempt to get the scarf on as soon as possible.

This is probably just out-of-date, but no one who cares about speed is ever going to use medicinal herbs unless they haven't permed pulverize.

NS13 changes

Someone needs to rewrite this article because of all of the changes from ns13 like the level requirements for food and booze, etc. --Yan 07:32, 17 July 2007 (CDT)

Also, idiots like myself seem to forget (twice now) that 3 days need to be scheduled in the daily dungeon getting Boris's, Sneaky Pete's, and Jarlsberg's respective keys each run. Incidentally, does this automatically make 3 rollovers the absolute minimum run now or am I missing something obvious? --Snikrepkire 17:00, 12 December 2007 (CST)

The keys form a zap group, which also includes the non-quest-item accessories. So it's still technically possible to do a 1-dayer, and some people have (but only in Casual). --Prestige 17:10, 12 December 2007 (CST)
you could also pull keys from a clan stash if you're lucky enough to have stashed them there pre-nsxii. (but only in Casual) --Evilkolbot 17:35, 12 December 2007 (CST)
Regarding your actual request, there's a nav link at the bottom of the page to an article of items required each ascension. --Bagatelle 21:24, 12 December 2007 (CST)

New Familiar Options?

What about using the Crimbo P.R.E.S.S.I.E., instead of the Volleyball or Sombrero? Since it can act as both (depending on the equipment), seems like a natural choice for a speed run. Of course, the attacks, etc., might cause some issues with things like the "Starfish trick", but still... --Kasanax 02:05, 12 January 2008 (CST)

That would work however, remember you will need to use 2 pulls to get both pieces of equipment. With the tight limit on pulls you may want better choice pulls instead. --Uzziah 18:53, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

Help Rewriting

A lot on the page is now obsolete and I'm starting a rewrite. With challenge paths I think the information valid for most challenge paths and differentiate between HC (which has it's own page) and SC runs. I've added a section on Specific Quest Advice. Can someone say how +ML helps speed a run? Apart from obvious extra stats (so faster levelling) how does it help? Does being a higher level make a lower quest finish faster, if so how? --djve 17:09, 23 July 2017 (UTC)