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Once-per-combat skill that randomly chooses a result from:

  • Physical damage
  • Hot damage
  • Stench damage
  • Sleaze damage
  • Spooky damage
  • Cold damage
  • Lowers monster attack
  • Lowers monster defense
  • Possibly others!

All of the above options seem to have the same likelihood of occurring.

The damage is possibly 300-400 (306-379 observed). Elemental monsters don't affect the choices (1 damage and double damage outcomes are possible).

"You're not sure what happens next, but whatever it is deals 379 damage."

Attack power/defense lowering is possibly 80-100 (83-96 observed).

"You're not sure what happens next, but whatever it is leaves your opponent confused..."
"Monster attack power reduced by 83"


"Monster defense reduced by 96"

All of the above done on a level 14 DB with ~500 buffed main stat.--Graymalkin (#624900) (talk) 13:13, 8 October 2014 (UTC)