Talisman of Baio

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Talisman of Baio
Talisman of Baio

This is an amulet that contains the purified essence of the Baiowulf. The container is, unsurprisingly, shaped like the face of Scott Baio. The faces of Ronald and Grimace are reflected in its beady little eyes.

Type: accessory
Cannot be discarded

+X% Muscle
+X% Mysticality
+X% Moxie

(In-game plural: Talismen of Baio)
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Item number: 877
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Obtained From

The Spooky Forest
Baiowulf (occurs ultra rarely)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Raffle House



  • The Baiowulf, the creature one fights to get the Talisman, is a pun on the literary classic Beowulf combined with the rather unfortunate actor Scott Baio.
  • The 2005 film Cursed is a horror film about werewolves which features Scott Baio as himself.

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