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The Spelunker Area is found via the Tales of Spelunking from the Adventurous Spelunker.

When first opening this area:

  • Welcome to your Spelunking adventure! Try to find as much treasure as you can before the ghost arrives!

Your left sidebar is replaced with a display of new stats:

Spelunkin' <PlayerName>
Mus: 30
Mox: 30
HP: 30 / 30

Gold: $0

off back Spelwhip.gif
30x30 1
30x30 1
30x30 0

The Ghost:

Last Spelunk:

Locations found here include:

  • Best Spelunkers (daily leaderboard)
  • Rest at Base Camp: Heals all HP.
You tend to your wounds at your base camp.
HPYou gain (all) hit points.
The ghost draws nearer...

Or, if you have no adventures remaining:
You've got no time to rest, Dr. Jones.

Or, if your HP is full:
You've got no jones to rest, Dr. Time.

And various locations to explore (all except the Mines are unlocked as you go):

Having at least one Bomb gives the Throw Bomb skill in combat (spend a bomb to deal 50 damage). Having at least one Rope gives the Use Rope skill in combat (spend a rope to stun the enemy for 11 rounds).


Unlocking Areas

You begin with just The Mines available. Lower levels in the central section are unlocked by adventuring in the previous level and winning a combat after 7-9 combats, or through starting Perks.

Side areas are mainly unlocked by your choices in specific non-combat adventures in the adjoining central area. LOLmec's Lair, Hell, and Yomama's Throne have special unlocks.

Location Unlock
The Spider Hole Use a rope in It's a Trap! A Dart Trap.
The Snake Pit Use a bomb in It's a Trap! A Dart Trap.
The Ancient Burial Ground Use a rope in It's a Trap! A Tiki Trap.
The Beehive Use a bomb in It's a Trap! A Tiki Trap.
The Altar Kick the landmine in A Landmine
The Crashed U. F. O. Use 3 ropes in A Landmine
The City of Goooold Use a key in It's a Trap! A Smashy Trap.
LOLmec's Lair Win one combat in the Temple Ruins after your 8th combat.
Hell Use a key in LOLmec's Lair after defeating him, while wearing Bananubis's Staff, The Joke Book of the Dead, and The Clown Crown
Yomama's Throne Win seven combats in Hell


After every 3rd successful combat, the ghost waves its arms Spelghostarms.gif
This indicates that the next adventure will result in a non-combat choice adventure. Each area presents different choices, with the 4 main locations giving 3 different choice adventures depending on the current phase. The phase of each area is the same, and is advanced after every choice adventure, cycling through 3 values.

Location Phase1 Phase2 Phase3
The Mines An Old Clay Pot
  • 18-20 Gold
  • pot (off-hand throwable, 20 damage)
A Shop It's a Trap! A Dart Trap.
The Jungle A Shop A Tombstone It's a Trap! A Tiki Trap.
The Ice Caves A Shop A Big Block of Ice A Landmine
The Temple Ruins A Crate Idolatry It's a Trap! A Smashy Trap.
The Spider Hole A Wicked Web
The Snake Pit A Crate
The Ancient Burial Ground A Tombstone
The Beehive A Crate
The Crashed U. F. O. A Crate
The City of Goooold A Golden Chest
  • 150 Gold (with key)
  • 80-100 Gold (with bomb)
  • 50-60 Gold and lose HP

Special Adventures

Each sub-area (except The Ancient Burial Ground) also has a special non-combat, which appears on your 6th-9th adventure in that zone.

Location Special Adventure Benefit
The Spider Hole Fight the spider queen All bombs are now "Sticky Bombs" (bomb image changes to Stickybomb.gif)
The Snake Pit It's Lump. It's Lump. Spend a bomb and acquire a heavy pickaxe
The Beehive Fight the queen bee Increase Maximum HP by 20
The Crashed U. F. O. Fight the alien queen Acquire a plasma rifle and jetpack
The City of Goooold Fight Bananubis Acquire Bananubis's Staff

An extra, super-secret adventure, allowing combat with the Ghost itself can be accessed by clicking on the ghost icon, Spelghost.gif or Spelghostarms.gif, while wielding the The Joke Book of the Dead.





Back Items



Some pieces of equipment, listed above, affect a hidden Luck modifier. This will increase or decrease the gold you get from combats and non-combats with a varied range (e.g. 8-10 gold). Obtaining a set amount of gold specifically (e.g. 25 gold) will not be altered by the Luck modifier.

If your luck modifier reduces the gold drop to 0 or less, a different message will appear in place of the gold acquisition: (A bird stole the gold. How unlucky!)


Each time you complete the game you can choose a perk that gives you a benefit in your next runs, up to a maximum of 9 perks. Perks are organized into 3 branches, with choices presented in order in each branch.

Branch 1
  1. Start with The Jungle unlocked
  2. Start with The Ice Caves unlocked
  3. Start with The Temple Ruins unlocked
Branch 2
  1. Start with 3 bombs
  2. Shops have one more item
  3. Start with $100
Branch 3
  1. Start with 3 ropes
  2. Start with a spelunking fedora (All Attributes +5)
  3. Start with a key



  • The entire setting is a browser version of the game, Spelunky.
  • A guide to reaching and defeating the final boss is present here, and another more general guide to a run through the game here and here, all on the KoL forums.

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